Want to recapture the feeling of that excitement when you first moved into your home? 

Our room design makeover will help you enhance what you already have to help create a fresh new look.  We can help you with that fresh new look that you desire by using color ideas in innovative ways, rearranging your furniture, rearranging or buying new accessories and art work.  We love "to shop" in your own home and re-purpose things that might work in a completely different room or placement.  We work with you to help complete the tasks and working with you to accomplish the finished project.

Cost:  Initial meet and consult is $150.00.  Each project is unique and will depend on how many rooms are involved and what is available in your home. We charge by the room which typically takes 2-4 hours and can cost between $300.00-$600.00.  We also can redesign your entire house.  Please contact us for a customized quote.